Unpopular opinion: How many of you like me will be sticking with 2.79 for a long looooong time?

(Arindam) #41

It’s right there in the application itself, at Menu Bar > Help > Report a Bug ( if you wouldn’t like to bookmark the specific URL elsewhere).


(Arkinum) #42

I primarily use an NPR style of rendering. So unless 2.8 gets freestyle support and cell shading like materials, I’ll stick with 2.7X.

(FreeMind) #43

It already has supperior cell shading materials.
And soon it will get realtime 3D model outlines.

(burnin) #44


(zeauro) #45

Brecht fixed Freestyle rendering with EEVEE one week ago.

There is still no Freestyle pass usable as is in compositor.
I don’t know if there are Freestyle bugs in 2.8.
What is sure is that there will be Freestyle support in 2.80.

(captainkirk) #46

EEVEE already has support for cel shading. And once LANPR is completed and integrated 2.8 will have superior line rendering abilities. So the argument that 2.8 is ignoring NPR doesn’t make much sense.

(FreeMind) #48

… … . .what?


I agree. I use 2.8 to play around with real time materials and stuff, but I still do my work in 2.79. Mainly because the reasons you already mentioned. Addons and broken functions in 2.8.

(Arkinum) #50

@ captainkirk @ FreeMind

OK thanks for the heads up. A few months ago I heard that there was not going to be any support for NPR and I’ve been out of the loop for a while. Nice to know that its changed.

If 2.8 implements freestyle same or better than 2.7, I’ll gladly switch over.

(Martynas Žiemys) #51

I would say the hands of the designers do not grow. They are mostly adults so it seems to me their hands are fully grown and remain constant size. I think it’s normal that they constantly change their location in space as the designers move around as well and it might be hard to pinpoint their exact locations. I hope this somehow clarifies it for you. :smiley:

I also think one will need to learn where things are in 2.80 in order to use it.

I saw a question about some feature not existing in Blender 2.66 somewhere online recently. It made me think: 2.66 is a really old version now and the person will clearly need to move to the newest version some time soon because features of 2.66 are becoming not enough for them. There are quite a few new features they will need to learn all at the same time now because the difference between 2.66 and 2.79 is not that small as say it was between 2.66 and 2.67. I think it makes sense to move to new versions as soon as they become stable and possible to use in one’s workflows because of that alone. If you wait until you can no longer use some old version because of hardware updates or just to keep up with the level of productivity possible in the industry around you, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage at that later time when you need to learn a lot more in order to switch to a new version that is even more different. Also the UI and design of it is not the only thing in the software, so even if there were some new small inconveniences because of it, it usually makes sense because of the new functionality that makes things previously impossible now available. There are so many of those with 2.80…

(Casey) #52

I’d have to say, early on, this was my attitude as well. I found 2.8 to be such a departure that I couldn’t be troubled to learn the new system. As such, I was content to lament how 2.8 was so “needlessly” different from 2.79.

But I kept fiddling with it, eventually more and more transitional YouTube videos started to appear, explaining how to move over, what’s new and so on. Now, I use 2.8 for production, and I just make back-ups, and copy/paste my objects back into 2.79 and save the files, just in case.

It’s still unstable, I experience multiple crashes every day, and I’ve found and reported a handful of bugs. I think this might be the biggest point to me. I need to use it, and break it, doing what I do, so I can tell the devs how it broke…and sometimes…so they can tell me I’m an idiot and just don’t know how to use it :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end, I’m going to end up with a finished version of 2.8 that works for me. And being part of the development in that regard, is kind of priceless…or invaluable. However you want to look at it.

(Ace Dragon) #54

There was panic in the NPR community until last Summer, when Eevee got a new NPR-centric node (shader to RGB) and the LANPR GSoC project starting going into high gear.

LANPR isn’t in master yet, but the student is still working on it and is determined to get it included.

(Romanji) #55

I just modeled the whole day in 2.8 without a glitch or crash and it feels actually quite good. With pure poly-modelling i am quite as good as with 2.79 now, i think i have adapted to the new shortcuts and workflows.
I guess the time i am forced to stay with 2.79 might be shorter than anticipated (at least when it comes to pure modelling).


<3 2.8 so far, but I’ll be sticking with 2.79 until I can move over my custom keymap which took forever to set up.

(JohnMalcolm1970) #57

I have been playing with 2.8 a fair bit. I was using it mostly for Eevee until recently. I started a project recently fully in 2.8… with left-mouse select and all the other changes. It felt awkward for about an hour and then I forgot all about it and just used it. Give your brain some credit. Human brains are really good at adapting to changes.

(Matt) #58

I learned blender back in 2011, but went away from it for a few months and the old UI made the program hard to pick back up. FF to last month and I tried 2.8 after reading about its big UI updates. I will say I really like the new UI, it’s more updated and intuitive to use. Since I am re-learning blender I think its best to go ahead and relearn blender in 2.8. Being beta I have to deal with those issues but its nice to know I’m future proofing myself. But I’m sure if i was a pro-blender user addons are what would really determine when I’d make the move.

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #59

I have seen the copy/paste workflow from sculpting faster and smarter blender conference, but I cannot emulate it here. Copying something from Blender 2.8 to 2.79 yields message “clipboard empty/nothing to paste”.
How does one actually copy somethig from Blender 2.8 to 2.79?
(can’t even copy simple armatures)
Please help.

(Casey) #60

You know, I’ve gotten that error just trying to copy paste things from 2.8 to 2.8, so I can only suspect that there is an issue in the copy buffer. I don’t really have a solution, other than to just open, close, save, save as a new file, break the file up into smaller parts, try again (just fiddle with it until it works) to work around whatever bug might be in there. I’d report it if I could reproduce it consistently, but I can’t.

To that end, I’ve not had this issue (yet) with copy/paste from 2.8 to 2.79.

(Romanji) #61

Works for me in both directions. Never had any problems with it. But i usually only copy geometry.

I just tested copying a couple of bones and it worked.

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #62

could you please do a little .gif using shorcut key captures, to read from the screen your exact procedures? Could it be that you don´t manipulate the colllection’s name?
I change the collection’s name to something else (default collection, I rename to LAYER 01) then copy paste something from there to 2.79 but then I get the error.

Please help, since I saw in the blencon it was possible. I´m surely doing something else, or using a CUSTOM STARTUP. BLEND file breaks the c/c buffer (copy and cap)…