Unpopular opinion: How many of you like me will be sticking with 2.79 for a long looooong time?

(Casey) #63

Well, I take it out of a collection first, then copy/paste. And I just do one object at a time. I won’t be in front of my workstation until tomorrow to do a screencap, but I’d be happy to do it.

(sundialsvc4) #64

For me – “short answer: EEVEE!” :smiley:

It’s tremendous to be able to get high-quality real-time renders of what you are doing, as you are doing it.

I also liked finding the new “Workbench” renderer, which is very fast for test-renders a la the “OpenGL Preview” only much better.

I’ve frozen on the latest version of 2.79 for backward-compatible support of existing projects as I earnestly hope that the decision to remove Blender Internal will be re-considered and the feature quietly returned. Because I can’t do anything with most of my existing projects without it. (And, I’m still paid to support and to enhance those projects.)

No, I’m not a Blender developer, but I really don’t agree that Blender Internal had to be completely removed from the system – nor that it should have been. However, I can also anticipate that, having cleanly removed it and cleaned-up all the loose ends, the prospect of re-introducing it might actually produce something that is considerably better than before, while preserving compatibility with existing projects (of which there are legion). I’d like to see that be a very(!) high-priority “2.81” goal.

(wellerankanto) #65

Node Wrangler

(Ben H) #66

Node wrangler has been updated. I’v been using it in 2.80 for some time.

(BlenderFan9) #67

I will also be using 2.79. The reason is because of the fact that my laptop is not compatible with 2.80. In order to run it, your computer must have OpenGL 3.3 or higher, meaning more money spent on expensive GPUs. If you want to get a computer that has a advance GPU (ex: Gaming Laptops, Microsoft Surface Tablets, etc), you will have to pay an unreasonable amount of money. In today’s society, it’s becoming impossible to upgrade to new equipment, especially for people like me. Since these products cost more than the cost to make them, I don’t really see the point. Maybe this is why I always lose to the competition, All because of the computer I have. I guess I’ll just have to stick with 2.79 for the rest of my career.

(xalener) #68

Learn how to use nodes properly, and you’ll never be left wanting. Seriously, eevee and cycles are both incredibly flexible for NPR rendering. Problem is folks just aren’t bothering to learn.

(KFK) #69

As it is, I still use 2.48 and 2.72 because some addons never got updated, and it’ll be a long looooong before I not-need those things, if only for a minute. I suspect I’ll keep 2.79 to support legacy operations for years to come.

Right now the only thing standing in my way of fully embracing 2.8 as a workhorse is that I haven’t found out how to keymap one-click box selection while the move tool is active. That was easy to configure in 2.79 but the addition of a dedicated selection tool seems to be throwing a spanner into the works.

(jendabek) #70

Me, because vertex color baking is not supported in 2.8 and I cannot do my work without this feature.

(kakapo) #71

vertex color baking should be doable with a python script.

(kkar) #72

I will keep modeling in 2.79 for a long time, 2 reasons

  • New selection modes

  • The Ui flickering due to ui elements disappear and appear back during mode changes/ operations etc

(EdgeMaster) #73

Planning on using both with a gradual shift to 2.8. In the name of progress, everything in 2.7 cannot make it to 2.8. Core addons, functionality etc will but edge cases, obscure plugins etc can’t all be expected to make it. It is the price of progress.

Either way, Blender foundation are doing an awesome job.

(jendabek) #74

I know it is “doable”, but until it is implemented, I just can’t use 2.8.

(mroc) #75

Tried 2.8 Beta for a while. Just cant get used to the new UI and shortcuts. Had both versions side by side but always found myself returning to 2.79 so I decided to get rid of 2.8. Ill give the new one another go when it is out of Beta

(jendabek) #76

You can select 2.7 shortcuts preset in User Preferences.

(Tarnyloo73) #77

Haven’t made the leap yet for a number of reasons. I’m a bit concerned it won’t run well on my relatively slow, 11 year old PC although I just checked and my graphics driver is running OpenGL 3.3 which really surprised me. Guess I’ll give it a go sometime though I don’t really have the time (or inclination) to just play with Beta software.

As it is with 2.79 I can be productive and that’s more important at the moment.

(Bracer) #78

So how do you do this mythical “one click box selection” ?

(LeighAH) #79

I’ve finally taken the plunge and been using 2.8 the last week or so. At first I found the change of the ‘W’ shortcut really irritating for poly modelling. I know I could remap it, but I was determined to just get used to the out of the box settings and now I’m really loving it.

Quick favourites and the right-click context menu are slowly getting into my muscle memory.

The improvement in the viewport alone is worth it. The shading options are fantastic and I don’t have to keep constantly switching to cycles to get a proper visualisation. It’s a breath of fresh air.

(KFK) #80

In Blender 2.79 you go to User Preferences, Input Tab, 3D View -> Border Select, change it from default “Keyboard B” to the super intuitive “Tweak” and choose which mouse button you want. I also do an Add New “view3d.select_or_deselect_all” and set it to Select Mouse.

(John Malcolm) #81

I’ve reached the stage where I find 2.79 annoying when I have to open and use it for some reason. I am using 2.8 defaults for pretty much everything and I’m struck by how easy it has been to get used to some fairly significant changes.

(captainkirk) #82

Me too. I now find 2.79 slow and clunky to use in comparison. Any time I have to use 2.79 I always find myself clicking in empty space to deselect, or trying to right click on objects and end up setting the 3D cursor.