Unpredictable aspect-ratio output from the blender sequencer

This (click on the word «this») is what I get when I render my animation on a frame-by-frame basis. That is: as a sucession of (say) jpeg stills. They are rendered at 1280x720 flawlessly.

Then I go to the sequencer and generate the clip (ffmpeg, avi, mjpeg, whatever it is…). This (click on the word «this») is what I get as a video output.

Obviously the video output is not 1280x720, as the stills are. The output resolution in the video sequencer is selected as 1280x720, and the aspect ratio is 1:1.

These (click on the word «these»)are the settings in the sequencer.

So, what am I doing wrong?


looks like a bug in MPlayer when it plays avi jpg movies -its chopping off the top part of the frame. Try using a different viewer, or encode using a codec like xvid.

Thanks for answering, PapaSmurf. Let’s comment:

Well, as far as I checked, mplayer does the same be it motion-jpeg, mpeg-4 w/divX, uncompressed AVI, mov with h-264 or mpeg-4 (whichever), and so on…

It does not chop the image actually, but rather shrinks it vertically. Do not know why.:eek:

I chose mplayer because is the only player I know that shows 720p HD content in full width without having to select full-screen mode when you play it, providing you have got X running in the required resolution.

VLC won’t do this. It always places borders at both sides of the pictures thus reducing the video size of the image you are watching.

As for the codec, as I told, I do not think that was the solution.

I really appreciate your help. I think that probably one of the options would be reporting a bug against mplayer…:(…or commenting it in some mplayer-user mailing lists…

I repeat: thanks for answering.