Unpredictable behaviour of Scale Cage - bug?

I experience a weird issue, which I suspect is a bug in Blender, but I want to first talk about on a less formal forum, before I officially report it.

I’m trying to scale some objects using scale cage, instead of the standard scaling tool. I always pick handles in the middle of faces, expecting the object to be scaled in one axis, but sometimes, it randomly gets scaled along 2 or 3 axes. I think the issue is that Blender doesn’t pick the right scaling handle, even though my mouse cursor is right at it.

Whether the wrong handle is picked or not, depends on the view angle and how close the handles are to each other. You will probably not experience it with a default cube on a new model, but see the file I attached - maintain exactly the view I have set, and grab the handle marked red on the screenshot.

In Blender 2.92 (not tested in others, but I remember having this issue back in 2.81) you’ll get your box scaled along 2 axes instead of 1.

scale cage.blend (799.4 KB)

What do you think, should I report a bug?

A similar, but not exactly the same issue is described in the thread linked below. It is related to the same tool: