Unread Posts does not mean what I thought

I kept coming on the site to see if I could answer questions others posted thinking unread post actually meant topics that were unread. NO it does not mean that. It means that others posted on topics I started - things that I have not read. I kept trying to find the unread topics and today almost posted asking where all the unread topics were ! This is really cool I have many posts to review. I would have never been able to learn blender without this site.

I’m not sure i understand this correctly (might be the glogg i’m having here :wink: ) but when i started answering here i learnt so much while getting likes and solutions for my answers too. So thanks :heart: for this :gift: and merry merry :christmas_tree: … to the community

Maybe this graphic will clarify what I mean:

So with other forums I use - unread meant topics that people made that were not read. I kept coming here to blenderaritsts looking for unread topics and I could never find any.

I have left many topics unsettled but not for long.

unread = you started reading n it hat
new = new since yout lst visit but never read

Also look at your Profile Icon (right top)… there are those and all direct ansers and private mail.

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Correct; the rollovers also explain this:

Would an ‘unanswered’ filter help you find posts that could use some help? @Fweeb how do you feel about adding this?

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Do you think that this should be limited to just the #support categories, or is it perhaps valuable to other categories (like a small means of providing exposure to artwork that no one has commented on)?

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So I would like to see that. I often come to blenderartists to try to see if I can give back - but have a hard time finding posts that are looking for help. I might be misunderstanding here.