unreadable interface - PLEASE HELP !!!

blender newbie - platform mac osx 10.5.8 on PPC G5
all fonts installed - no error message - no clue.
and (as you see) - cant go through menus and try …
feeling totally helpless and BLIND - PLEEZ HELP (auch auf deutsch)


I do not know what is wrong, I get this if I open a blend file before I open Blender. I open Blender then from inside Blender I open the blend file and this works for me. I hope this helps till someone can be of more help.

I’d say it’s the font antialiasing and you’r most likely ATI card being too old having troubles with OpenGL.

The user preferences will open.
Click on the last tab (red box) and disable the font antialiasing (green box)
Close preference window.
Press ctrl+u and confirm whatever pops up to save those setting.
Restart Blender.


hi arexma;
yes, sems like anti-“aliasing” is the fault. thanks for your very good blind instructions!
now i see that these ARE types. could we go further so i could see WHICH types ;-)) ??
lots of thanx again and in advance!
ps: didnt know open gl was involved in screen types - didnt find anything about open gl capabilities in the system profiler …


… and thx kasinger but i opened the program first… (no files created yet ;-))

I’ve had this too on macbook pro core2duo, but only in user preferences (float window, cmd+.). After installing latest Cuda driver it disappeared. Might have something to do with Graphic Drivers. Hast du die neusten Treiber?