Unreal 4 Collisions Tools

Hello everyone,

I’m adding my little contribution to this community.
I worked on an Blender Add-ons for easy creation of collisions boxes especially for Unreal 4 projects.

I used the Unreal 4 naming conventions of the official documentation

Features :

  • creation of boxes
  • creation of simple convex shapes (boxes deformed to better fit the shape)
  • creation of convex shapes
  • creation of spheres
  • auto-naming using Unreal 4 conventions
  • full support of Array and Mirror modifiers
  • support of parenting

GitHub link : https://github.com/Oriode/U4CollisionsTools

I hope this will be usefull :slight_smile:


Where is the Capsule!?:stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! Very useful!

I have used right now and works perfectly!

Wow, it works beautifully! Very useful for Unity as well (naming convention doesn’t matter in this case)

@Oriodehave you think in port to 2.8?