Unreal, CryEngine and BGE

The first are the most popular commercial game engines used by several game makers and AnvilNext is used only by Ubisoft for AC. When it comes to asset management and online material visualization BGE(tight integration) is awesome and it is one of the features supported in very few Commercial Game engines today I hope.

What are the differences in all these??Technologies?
Skilled developers??
Explotation of hardware features???

Why is there the differences???Time?
Legal issues on implementation of stuff???

Why are you asking these questions? When we know your intentions we can help you much more.

There are enough comparative threads spread over several forums. And you can find the answers of your questions by comparing the information provided by the manufacturer.

Its well know that BGE users are a lot more Smart and Sexy (?)

The best reply i ve seen in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

What is holding OSS community in just preproduction . What is the reason? and Unreal 4 demo breath taking. I admit that good artwork is important for good games. But it is true that the commercial games like AC can simulate massive crowd with convincing graphics? What exatly an optimization? I hope only Optimization is not making them powerful?
(Dont get me wrong… I’m crazy about OSS softwares and blender3d. I was supposed to use matlab for image processing. but just becoz it not a OSS, i tried several other stuff and failed in the competition. success in competition is not my goal but to learn stuff btw. it is out of scope here :D)

best indeed. BGE is cannot be compromised in material and pre-play visualization.

The biggest point for BGE is that it gives the 1-man-show a result at the end of the day.
As an Indie you can not take all the things that UDK can offer… its so overwhelming.