Unreal Ed 2 new weapon


I am trying to make a new weapon in unreal ed 2. As in the educational version of the SDK not any of the games (don’t know if that maters or not). Any-way I have exporters for blender to export to both ase and psk. But to make a weapon I need both a static mesh and a mesh. I have a static mesh already loaded and I have a psk file that can become a mesh. But unlike the static mesh there is no import button for importing a new mesh. Please please would someone with knowledge of unreal tell me how to create a new mesh for a weapon? I have spent two days searching the Internet for a tutorial, HELLLLLLP!

P.S. I under stand some unreal script may be needed, just tell me what I have to do.

Ok I figured out how to import the mesh file, all I had to do was look in the tab next to meshes (animation tab).