Unreal Engine 4 - prepare for, just one month ahead!

In June, UE4 will be revealed to the gaming public.

An interesting article about the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 and the next gen gaming:

Better screens:

Source: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=474483

Looks pretty spiffy!

So all that talk about realistic lighting, does that mean they have some sort of real-time raytracer? Or am I misunderstanding that part?

Lame blocky geometry and models, some blurry lowrez texture maps, nice lighting and effects (specially defocus with bokeh). If it’s running on super HD and 60FPS, that’s good enough.

Samaritan looked much more impressive, but then it was running on a couple of cards. Probably, nextgen console hardware won’t offer the kind of leap from the previous generation to the current one…

Other than that, enjoyed to see Sauron in Mount Doom once again.


Or perhaps it was supposed to be Morgoth with Grond in Angband?

My thoughts exactly, but then again, perhaps we’re just too damn used to seeing high end graphics. :confused:

the future of gaming has almost nothing to do with polycounts and everything to do with shading and global effects on both geometry and screen space shaders, volumes(the minecraft world is basically a super dumb volume) will become more prominent I hope…

so I do not mind seeing blocky models, but low res textures worries me a bit. we’ll see when we see.

GDC Demo shows realtime fracture, which is part of the UE4 (mentioned 2:04) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul3v2K3cXK4


looking forward to the publication :yes:

It honestly doesn’t look all that much better than the current iteration of the engine. Hell, this tech demo was released over a year ago, and it looks a thousand times better.

Yes, but the Samaritan demo is just a tech demo, running on a computer rig with three GeForce GTX 580’s.

Last week Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney told DICE 2012 attendees that the tech demo of Unreal Engine 3 released last year, called “Samaritan,” required 2.5 terraFLOPS to run at a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 30 frames per second and with 48 operations per pixel (that rig was a monster in size too). By comparison, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console is only capable of .25 terraFLOPS, meaning Microsoft will need to generate a new console at least ten times more powerful in order to run the UE3 demo smoothly.

So pretty unusable for any consoles or consumer PC’s.

Yes, but the Samaritan demo is just a tech demo, running on a computer rig with three GeForce GTX 580’s.

They have since demonstrated a slightly scaled down version that looked almost identical, which ran on a single GTX680. You can expect that kind of quality from the next-generation consoles (not including the Wii-U).

we cant make these good things in blender :(((((((((((((((((

Blender is open source. So feel free to implement the stuff you need, or hire a developer who does that for you :slight_smile:

@JuicyVitamin, look at abc123`s portfolio. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib

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Mmm really curious, can’t wait for E3 2012. Low res floor texture in 7th img apart, they look really promising if 1080p for real and stable 60fps on a console. Curious about console price too.

Look at his other posts, all 300 on that account and all 2000-something posts on his other account is the same lame trolling-attempts, it’s all he ever says.

The new screens look pretty sweet, the shading and global illumination obviously looks awesome but I am really impressed with the particles here actually, the indirect illumination, motion blur and DoF works with the particles which also comes in a crazy amount.

I was wondering also how they’ll manage such calcs when 4k will be a quite common standard. For a 8/10 years console life cycle they really need to understand what kind of hardware will fit these needs regarding of not being old after 3-4 years.

A single 680 could be not enough, even with massive optimizations as long as consoles usually do, though.

all 2000-something posts on his other account is the same lame trolling-attempts, it’s all he ever says.

That just indicative of how often many in the Blender community need to be reminded that if they spent as much time actually creating stuff as they do whining about the lack of the latest bell, buzzer, or whistle in Blender, the Gallery would be over-flowing with top-notch artwork.

I find it hilarious that so many get so butt-hurt by his comments despite the obvious sarcasm. His portfolio is definitive proof of some of the amazing things that can be accomplished with Blender, with existing tools.