Unreal Engine 5 E GI?


if I open a file created with Blender / EEVEE in Unreal Engine 5 is it necessary to do some kind of bake or processing to have the lights with GI?

is there an add-on that facilitates this export?


It’s the normal process, you export the mesh and the textures then import correctly in Unreal, there’s no secret

Now, if you are saying that you want the same look of EVEE shaders, this is only possible with Bake, as each engine processes graphics in its own way, Blender shaders only exist in Blender, but Unreal Shaders are superior to Evee , I don’t see any reason to do that, so if your maps are correctly configured you won’t miss Evee, a bake would certainly look much inferior than an object configured with all maps correctly, running in real time…

but to have lights with GI in Unreal Engine 5 :
Is it necessary to bake the lights?
or any other processing ?


Hello again
So, it’s not necessary, the Unreal engine already has the global lighting system ready, in real time, you just need to configure it the way you want, follow the Doc, there’s a tab that talks about GI :slight_smile:

is there a way to open a complete scene, made in blender , in Unreal Engine 5 at once? with all objects already in the same place as it was in blender? and with the textures?