unreal game engine?

Hi Ive seen that people have been making game models in blender and exporting them into udk (unreal game kit) and ive noticed that the graphics in udk look better.

is the unreal game engine easy to use? :eek:
i saw some tech demos on youtube and it looks really good

I’d say it’s fairly easy to use, yes.

It’s definitely better than the blender game engine (it being a proved production tool for many current gen games) It’s free for non commercial use now as far as I know and can be downloaded, I recommend you give it a spin :slight_smile: http://www.unrealtechnology.com/ is where information can be found about it
There are many tuts available aswell, atleast that’s what I’ve heard so you might wanna look for those aswell :slight_smile:

i downloaded some games that were made with it and they look amazing :eek:
ill give it a try :slight_smile:

As far as commercial use licensing goes I probably would give it a thumbs down, but the engine itself is definitely better then blender. I still use it though. :smiley:

oh is the licensing bad for commercial games?
like do you have to pay them to sell any games you make? :confused:

the royalty bearing fee is 99 then you need to pay epic 2,500 and after that you need to pay them 25% of the profit.

A team creates a game with UDK that they intend to sell. After six months of development, they release the game through digital distribution and they earn $15,000 in the first calendar quarter after release. Their use of UDK during development requires no fee. Upon release they would pay US $99.99 for a Royalty Bearing license. After earning $15,000, they would be required to pay Epic $2,500 ($0 on the first $5,000 in revenue, and $2,500 on the next $10,000 in revenue). On subsequent revenue, they are required to pay the 25% royalty.

Its actually not that bad if you end up making over 15 thousand but If the game is just on a dead site and no one buys it you will actually lose money.

haha i see your point
so if i ever came out with a really good game i need to pay like tons of money to put advertising on sites and stuff :slight_smile:

but the chances of me making a game that good would probably be really unlikely anyways :rolleyes:

The chances would be… UNREAL

=o =o =o

LOL it doesnt make sence why they call it unreal game engine because that makes it sound like the graphics look fake and not real but in fact they look insanely awesome :slight_smile:

Its unreal how the ge is so good maybe? but if you don’t plan on selling a game made with it its good cus its free for non commercial purposes.

i downloaded it today, wow it looks soo difficult! i think im gonna be watching alot of tutorials :spin:

the controls look more similar to 3d studio max or maya :eek:
but it looks like a really good program thanks for the info

we are already developing a game with udk and modelling and doing other stuff in blender …
nothing much but have a look:-

if anybody want u can join too.

haha cool are you exporting models from udk into blender? Id like to join but i have no clue how to use udk (i cant even pan the camera :o)

Incidentally, why would you make an engine capable of producing super-realistic graphics and then name it Unreal?

hmm… nice thing to ponder
maybe cos it went popular due to unreal tournament

sorry for double posting but we are exporting models from blender to udk hehe not the reverse.:smiley: