Unreal GE Map Export

I’ve been making a lot of maps in Blender to use in the BGE, however I would like to experiment with the Unreal GE. I understand that before I can import my models into the Unreal Editor, I have to first export to .3DS and then convert that into Unreal’s format.

So here are my questions:
Can I export the models with the textures applied (in .3ds format) before I convert it again into Unreal’s format? What do I need to do so that the model retains the texture mapping? Will the quality degrade at all?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading = )

How do you import 3DS files into Unreal Engine?


Why not try it with a simple example model and find out?

I did try it, and I was able to successfully get my models into the Unreal Editor, but they were missing the textures = (

How do I make it so that it converts over with the textures applied?

I wrote a nice ASE Exporter for UEd some Times ago. Works good again in 2.43.
Look here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=23681
Maybe this helps. :slight_smile:

Back to the original question, is there anyway to convert to .3ds with textures?

I’m doing an animation for a robotics team and one of the requirements is that the animation has to be done in .3ds, and I prefer modeling and texturing in blender, since I don’t know how to do it in 3D studios. This would help a lot and speed up time if I could do all my texturing in blender, then just export it to .3ds rather than learning how to put textures in 3D studios.