Unreal Ship

When one watches Final Fantasy Spirits Within along with high quality sci-fi anime, looks at some Unreal Tournament 2007 release pictures and a then plays CC3, one’s mind is a bit more creative than normal when one starts to doodle in Blender.

This model is a one person fighter. It has a jump jet and a rear jet. Two guns, one on each wing and missiles (not added yet) to the main body. There are skis so that the plane can land on any surface with the jump jets the way a helicopter does.

No idea how long it will take to complete. I am just starting work on the texturing because I usually make something and never texture it because I, sadly to say, have never fully textured one of my own models.

I am trying to achieve an effect with a texture (Hovering Diagram copy.jpg). In Final Fantasy along with several other sci-fi movies, they have hovering pictures or holograms to show virtual controls.

I have been bashing my head against the materials/texture spot. Personally, I have never been good at textures and I am only recency getting good at UV mapping. Could someone direct me to somewhere where I can learn how to make this picture to look like it is hovering in mid air with a transparent outside?


Holy crap thats awesome, love the model! :smiley: