Unreal technology does it again, stunning screens (must see)

I saw like :o :o :o It was freaking awesome. I mean I still know friends said to me, maybe we play a photorealistic game in the future, there there’s no difference between seeing it’s fake or not. When I saw some new screens from the Unreal 3 engine I was really amazed by it’s quality. The models just look like they’ve been rendered like we know, rendering as an image or movie. The lightning is super realistic and so are the skins of creatures and more. The best screens ever seen in my whole life.


It’s sooo amazing, I can’t wait for the singleplayer that comes out. Btw those screens are from that game in progress. It’s soo cool, I still can’t believe that, it goes so much further then doom 3 engine. Like 30 times more realistic, powerfull and more.

so much further than the doom3 engine?!

the reason you don’t see the doom 3 engine doing things like that is that:

  1. current graphic cards aren’t good enough yet [the unreal 3 engine gets like 8fps on ati x800 pro cards, so I hear]
  2. doom3 uses stencil shadows [current cards aren’t powerful enough for depth buffer shadows on everything, which is the way unreal 3 and evolution of doom3 engine will do]
  3. very high rez textures and normal mapped EVERYTHING [doom3 does this too, but textures aren’t as high rez]

it does look very nice, but it is not revolutionary. Most of the credit should go to the artists.

we will not see games using this engine for at least 2 years, and we probably will see on the next gen consoles [though perhaps not at their launch]

pretty much all of the features they REQUIRE can be done on a geForce 3, but performance just isn’t there until the next generation of cards.


Technically great.

Artistically there is no artistry. A load of absolute nonsense. FPS makers really desperately need some imagination.

For some reason probably the “duke nukem” character look on the bosses is bugging me in the Unreal 3 engine. I also don’t like the total change of storyline. I mean where are the Skaarj? The Skaarj look way badder than the new generic looking multi-toothed, muscled and Golem-like creatures. As games get more mainstream they often get really generic looking. As an artist I like originality. The alien “comic” book styled creatures are not doing it for me. The only thing that is missing is big words like “Crash”, “Arrrrgh”, etc popup doing intense moments of game play. But the high details are nice. I will pass on this one and focus on to Halflife 2.

Well the Unreal 3 engine single player game will be “NON-Unreal” it means so unreal single player game. It will be developed by corporating with Microsoft and also be released on Xbox :smiley: (and ofcourse pc) That’s why they are working on the 2th xbox, because only then the engine wil run on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard the new unreal engine is supposed to work on next generation systems and to use the second version for current systems, would be sweet if Blender’s game engine adopted some of this cutting edge technology. Unreal would be the engine of choice if it wasn’t 350,000 to 750,000 dollars :o

JA-forreal: The single player that’s being made isn’t based in the Unreal universe; therfore, there are no Skaarj. UT2007 will probably be on the new engine, according to BeyondUnreal. I’ll be buying that game the instant it comes out :slight_smile: .

What i like about the unreal 3 engine is that they show how it can render landscapes instead of doom 3’s corridors. that was a real bother to me is that doom 3 had all this tech but not open spaces; u3 shows that it may be far off but it wont be small “scary” space stations. why offer a game which gameplay[story too :stuck_out_tongue: ] wise is the same it was before except with better graphics? that right there is a lack of imagination


doom3 has several outdoor scenes, but they aren’t as expansive as stuff you will see in the current [or next] unreal engine. I don’t know the limits of doom3’s outdoor capabilities, but it certainly can do outdoor things

also of note is that one of the things accomplished with doom3 is that EVERYTHING is lit the same way, at run time. It appears even the unreal3 engine isn’t doing this [the previous unreal engines did not either]. Take a look at the shadows of the trees and notice how they are different from character shadows. It is possible, if difficult sometimes, to do good shadows using shadow buffers on such large environments [using perspective shadow maps], but sometimes the grain is visible [though it can be hidden with the oversampling they are using already], but it is much easier to use some static and some dynamic lighting.

interestingly enough, I had read that the lighting was entirely dynamic, and all being done the same way in the unreal3 engine [even outdoors]. [which contradicts what I’m pretty sure I see on the outdoor screens… perhaps this was a map they created for the older engine: shadows for the trees are probably projected images instead of dynamic because that is what the unreal2 engine requires]

well, I guess that is enough ranting for now. I don’t think the current unreal engine, or next one, or doom3 engine can do several kilometer sqare landscapes as seen in some games [far cry, joint ops…] very well, but I haven’t tested or looked for info on the topic.

also of note is that one of the things accomplished with doom3 is that EVERYTHING is lit the same way, at run time. It appears even the unreal3 engine isn’t doing this [the previous unreal engines did not either]…but it is much easier to use some static and some dynamic lighting.

sure the lighting is impressive, but from what was presented in thier game the D3 engine was limited. all im saying is that U3 is not taking out the now standard “outdoor levels” like doom3. im not dissing d3 graphics[well to me the textures sucked, and i was too dark in the beginning] just the way the engine was presented in the game. sure i did like being able to switch between 3rd and 1st seemlessly, but as a game itself it was about as interesting as looking at a 3-headed monkey; scientifically amazing but does nothing else[lighting was used as sort of scare tactic but do it in U2 and probably get the same scare effect, for the most part]

Oh, dammit, does this mean my integrated 8MB card won’t work? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the comparison pic is a bit exaggerated (because of the low resolution of the U1 and U2 engine models). The realism is impressive.

In the link that you presented some posts above it says they use three different types of shadows.