Unreal Tournament 99 Mapping in Blender

Today ive been on the quest to figure out how to make maps for Unreal tournament 99 using Blender. After a seemingly endless series of wild goose chases i found the answer.:smiley:

I was used blender 2.49 for this, im still a noob with 2.5 GUI.

  1. Make you map. all as one object.

  2. Open text window. go to scripts>Export>Autodesk DXF and export it.

  3. Open Unreal Editor

  4. Right click on the cube and set the size of the geometry brush thingy to probably something around 2-3 thousand for a small map. you creating the bounds of the world here. it doesn’t have to be one giant cube but thats the easiest thing.

  5. Press the subtract button.

  6. go to the brush menu>import brush> select your exported DXF file

  7. At this point you will need to scale up your brush by at-least a good %200-%300 but possibly more depending on how big your map is. to do this double click on the red outline of your brush and than click on Brush>MainScale>Scale> and than set the x,y and z coordinates to whatever percent you want it to scale by.

  8. Press the Add button

8)proceed to texture. im not going to get into this to deeply because it would take forever and im not so sure about it myself though. but there are plenty of tutorials out there.

To put it simply though, open the texture window, open the preferred texture package, click on the texture you want to apply to a face.
right click on a face and click apply “enter name of texture here” to face. you can also hold control and select multiple faces and whatnot.

Note: one of the really annoying parts of texturing your Map is aligning the textures. i found a tutorial for people using 3dsMAx, which is where i found out DFX imports into Unreal ed. Anyway, this tutorial although it doesnt provide a direct method for blender users theres probably some ideas you can extract from it.


yeah…check it out.