Unreal War

Here video of my game Unreal War, sorry for my English im Russian :slight_smile:

Screen of second Beta

That looks really good!
Great work!

nice, veri nice :slight_smile:

Wow, looks great!

very well done :wink:

А мне даже нравится, хотя обычно я скептически отношусь к играм в blender engine. А вот тени от деревьев мне не нравится, квадратные… Можно еще сделать разную поверхность, вроде дорого, песка, травы, камня, и сделать чуть меньше иконки :slight_smile:

And even it is pleasant to me, though usually I sceptically concern games in blender engine. And here from trees it is not pleasant to me a shade, square… It is possible to make still a different surface, like, roads, sand, grasses, a stone and to make hardly less icons :slight_smile:

cool game! Keep working on it, can’t wait to play, can’t wait to see the programing, it looks very wells polished :wink:

You can down download Beta V 0.0.2 http://ifolder.ru/13389959 I had posted it day ago

My only crit so far is the blocky shadows under the trees.
Everything else looks amazing!



Blocky shadows do look funny. Even if they just had rounded/soft edges would be acceptable.

Cool though. You are only controlling one tank, yes?

:slight_smile: Yes you control one tank

Смотрится хорошо только тени чёто квадратные на скриншоте а видео кулл особено музыка:)(Looks good only the shadow that the square))
Вот сматри что я забадяжил(Here assess what I did)

Toxa17 you can speake English I know English :slight_smile: ( Можеж по Английскому говорить чтоб не напрягать здешних поситителей :slight_smile: )

speak has no e. :no:
(Just so you know;))

Speak does have an e… but only one. (Just so you know ;-))

That’s looking really good. Keep it up.


Good point :wink:
I suppose I should have said that it doesn’t have an extra e. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a damned poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word - mark twain

being the worlds worst typist i love that quote