Unreasonable Lag on Medium-Poly character [PAID HELP!]

I have a character with 95k faces. The weird thing is, though, when I start to animate the character, the framerate only runs around 23. I wouldn’t care about this but I will need to have 10 or more of these characters in a scene at some point and at that rate the lag would be unbearable. As far as I know, 95k faces is pretty reasonable and I’m not quite sure why it has any lag at all.

The rig is fairly complex. The file runs at perfect 60fps (I bumped the FPS to see) when there is no animation data on the character but as soon as I add a keyframe to any bone on the rig it jumps down to 23 fps.

My setup is:
Intel (R) Core ™ i7-9700F CUP @ 3.00 Ghz 8 Core
16 GB Ram
GeForce RTX 1660ti

I really think the face count should be totally manageable even on multiple characters, but for some reason once the rig modifier is actually being used when animation data is on the rig, it slows down a LOT. Any reasons for this and potential fixes? :slight_smile:

The reason this is in the Paid Work section is that it’s quite important to me that it’s fixed so if you have no interest in doing this volunteered, I am willing to pay for your help too.

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do you have any boolean modifiers on the character mesh?

Is it for games? It should be good. Maybe you can check your modifier.

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