Unreasonably Slow FPS

Okay, so this is probably a noob question, but for some reason, and this only started recently, when I’m animating and use alt+a to play it back, it plays at such a slow framerate that I can’t judge how well the motion looks. When I go back to the regular default window, it plays at the normal 24fps. Is there anything I can do to speed up the framerate in the animation window?

What are you animating? How dense is the mesh, how many modifiers do you have turned on?

cire is write that you should have a low mesh animation model with no modifiers active on it. You can also do opengl renders of you scene to get a quick preview of how the animation is looking. (In 2.53 it is the button with the ‘clapper’ next to the button with the camera below the 3d view port.)

Thanks, guys. The mesh isn’t ridiculously dense, but I do have an edge split modifier on it. I made sure that it and the floor were the only things in the layer to help that.Something weird ended up working, though. So the timeline stretches to 2500 frames and I was up to 2800 and figured maybe that was playing a part in it. I moved the second half of the animation to another scene, and it works pretty well most of the time. Could this have been the issue?