Unresponsive vertices problem when rigging


I am following this guy’s tutorial for rigging. I following it to the letter, but still, I’ve come to a point where I need to adjust my weight on my vertices, and no matter what I do, there are 2 that do not budge. Any idea why so? I’ve tried everything…(I think). I’ve checked the weight on each vertices, checked my vertex groups to see if any were sharing vertices. Found nothing

**I am currently working in 2.82a

Andre-base-mannequin_06.blend (1.4 MB)

Thanks for you help!

Hi, i couldn’t find the reason for this but if you select the mesh and armature and re do parent with automatic weights, it will pop back into place.

On your first image, the spiky vert is weighted to both DefSpine and DefForearm_L. You probably don’t want it weighted to DefSpine. (It moves with DefForearm_L, but only half way, because of its equal weights with the spine.)

Can’t identify the other vertex, the one you’re presumably showing in the second screenshot-- sorry, not enough context to that screenshot for me to see the problem or the bone that I need to adjust to make it bad.

In general, when you get a bad vert like this, enter weight paint mode, switch to vertex mode, select the bad vert, and look on sidebar/item/vertex weights to figure out what’s going on.

Hi Bandages,

yup, you were right. One was associated with the spine and the other with the Neck. I didn’t look through the vertex groups thoroughly enough.

Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciated