Unruly camera and lights

In 2.41 my lights NEVER render where I point them and every time I switch screens my camera jumps out of position even if I have it set with a key. Is anyone else having this problem?

Also, in a particular file the tips of my orientation arrows seem to have disappeared (turned into boxes) and I have to use the GKEY to move objects. Anyone know how to fix this? The camera and arrows seem to have happened when I pressed Ctrl + 0 NumKey.

THanx in advance.

You can set objects other than a camera as a camera – you probably had a lamp selected when you press ctrl-NUM0. Then if you were moving your camera view around you were moving the lamp around. (Just a guess as to what might have happened).

The boxes on the widget are for scaling – if you press the triangle (beside the hand icon you get the movement /grab icon back).


Thanx GreyBeard,
I always parent a light to my camera so that is most likely what happened. Thanks for giving me my grabbers back too!