Unselected layer visible in refraction (a bug?)


I’m working on one animation and I’m trying to render one pass with a clean background color through a refractive object. Other objects are on the other layer and that layer is not selected for the pass. However, the objects are still visible in the refraction although otherwise invisible. If I remove the background layer from the “main” layer selection, the effect disappears.

At the moment, I need to do two separate renders for the animation, which slows things down quite a bit. Any idea what could create this effect and how I could get rid of it? Or should I go to bugtracker next?

Images and a simple blend are attached. Some system info: Blender 249.2, Ubuntu 9.04 64x.


refractlayer.blend (221 KB)

I don’t think this is a bug, because I can think of many situations when you just need it this way.

To separate the renderlayers you can use an extra scene (linked is enough) and use this scene as input in your nodes setup.
This way you can render in one go.

I have changed your file this way, just press render.
I hope this is what you are looking for.



refractlayer_changed.blend (211 KB)

Ahh… lovely! Thank you very much, Patel!!