Unsolved Save Game Issue

I’ve been working on a small game based on a field trip I recently came back from. One issue I’m trying to work on is having checkpoints in game as well as being able to save your game progress, quit, then load back to that specific location. I am aware of the game actuator which contains a save and load game option but I can’t figure out how it works. I’ve searched these forums for answers prior to posting this but, as you can see, I’ve had no luck with that. Any help would be fantabulous.

Little side note, if this issue involves python scripting, I’ll need a little extra guidance. Scripting isn’t my forte.

The saveGlobalDict function in the logic bricks does not actually save and load the current game state like in some other engines. Instead, it saves all of the game properties into a global dictionary where the values will be kept even after quitting the game. (I believe you can also manually place items like lists into the global dictionary as well when you use Python).

Now when you load the globaldict, you’ll find that the values are not reset to where they were on saving, that is because you will have to extract the values and assign them to the various properties that initially sent those values.

I believe the BGE resources forum has various save/load examples, but lightweight examples that simply use the globalDict to save some values to more heavyweight ones that will save all of the information in the level including the position and orientation of objects.

Ok, so correct me if I misunderstood but the save/load logic brick does not do save progress of a game but instead, it saves the states of which things within the file are in?

Even if I am wrong with the above statement, I found what I was looking for. One more problem solved, dragon!