Unspacy abstract something

Will count this as an abstract BLACK & WHITE something … or maybe as a very concrete alien space candelabra … call it what you want!

Some test for creating something else turned into this in the end … had no intention in mind in the beginning, were just throwing a lot of details with geometry nodes.

And before someone asks there is absolute no reasonable way to animate this on my crappy hardware!

Some more shots:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Quite unsure if its deserved standing besides all those great artworks.
But thanks anyway!

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This is great. It could be really outstanding if you found a good space HDRI for the background. Maybe did a little more with the materials and possibly rethought the thing on top (it looks like a geometric primitive).

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Thanks…you are right about all the critics … also not happy with the background. Just taking an HDRI from somewhere would have been against the rules of nodevember so i did it with a procedural shader (But yeah could have been done way better. Same with the materials) .

The result shows that there is a lot of room for improvement for my shader skills. And if i was not hooked by geometry nodes lately i would never have been participating at nodevember.

p.s. … and yes the thing on top is my beloved icosphere and is not s not up for discussion.