Unstitch UV

You can currently stitch parts of the UV maps together, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to unstitch them in the UV editor.

The reason I need to do this is because I would like to change the place of the seam that is created, and I just can’t find any way to control where that seam get located when using the “Cylinder from View” UV mapping technique.

It’s a kind of normal cylinder that I’m about to UV map, and I want the UV map to be very clean/straight and the right measures so the normal Unwrap wont do, it’s horrible for those kind of things.

Any tips for a work around would be great, or maybe there are an unstitch somewhere. :spin:

I just noticed that Follow Active (quads) take in consideration if you’ve marked a seam, and the result looks as clean/straight as when you use Cylinder from View, just in case anyone else would have a similar problem.

As it says it does " from View" so rotate the cylinder to face the edge you want the seam to be at and redo.

You’re right about that, and I should have thought about it too. Follow Active (quads) give a little bit more control when you can mark the seam yourself though, but now I’ve already fixed it, thank you anyway for clearing it up!