Unsuccessful constraints with game engine.

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I have been using the constraints to animate a character and everytime I think I have it figured out I run into another glitch. One thing that has happened a few times is that I will create the animation and then bake it. When I apply the baked animation to the unconstrained skeleton the baked animation has changed and so had the original constrained animation! I am getting very frustrated after spending 8 hours trying to figure this thing out. It looks like I will have to go back to animating using FK only. If you have any experience with this or know who does please let me know as I have to finish my project soon!!! Thanks again.


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Hello TorQ
As far as i know constraints don’t work in the game engine

(wiseman303) #3

OTO, he’s using baked animations, which should work in the game engine.

Make sure you align the axis of all the bones before you animate. I don’t remember the keystrokes for this though. Check the publisher or game engine docs.

(Torque) #4

I think you press Ctrl+A to apply rotation before you begin animation

(TorQ) #5

I found out something important today!! It seems that if you are using cyclic extend on any of your bones (this is good if you are doing a run cycle for example) you have to apply it to all of them. It doesn’t make sense why, I think its a bug, but if you don’t your animations could have any number of anoying things wrong with them.


(Rob) #6

I thought that the whole point of bake was for the game engine.


(saluk) #7

Cyclic extend may be useful while animating, to give you a clue if the animation flows together into the repeat right, but once you’re ready to put it in the game theres no real reason to leave cyclic mode on.
Just a thought, but having it on shouldn’t mess up the animation, something that needs to be thought about when trying to eliminate blender bugs. Does it affect all animations this way, or only when they are played in the game engine?

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Let’s make the point :slight_smile:

Constraints work or not in the game engine???

I have the 2.23
Thank you for the answer!!

(saluk) #9

They don’t work, what hes doing is using constraints to help during the animating process, but then “baking” the animation into a regular animation without constraints. I’m not exactly sure how it’s done.

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Tank you Saluk!