Unsure how to proceed with this model

Hi all, trying a model a boeing 737 aircraft. I’m modelling the wings and fuselage separately after a few failed attempts at extruding a wing shape of vertices from the fuselage. The problem always occurs where the wings joins the fuselage, I get all sorts of undesired shading. Extruding the wings into the fuselage doesn’t produce very good results either. Any ideas are much appreciated.

737_NOV27_ wings in progress.blend (532 KB)

I don’t think it’s the best method. But given where your model is at this point I think it’s an option, and it’s an interesting method that does fit into other modeling scenarios.

I used P to separate the wings into a separate object.
Then added a new vertex group, and a shrinkwrap modifier as in the image.
Then the first four edgeloops of the wing I set their vertex group weight to 1.0, 0.75, 0.5 and 0.25 respectively.

That looks better than what i have achieved so far. So would the faces behind the wing remain or should they be deleted. I’ll give this a try later, thanks.

Remember to remove doubles and also flip normals so all are facing outwards.