Unsure how to use armature actions in Game

Considering that i have been using Blender Game Engine for a good many years, i struggle to understand why i have not used Actions up till now, and i worry that it is because i was graphically incapable!
Even so, here is my blend file.
I have actually no clue why i cannot run the actions provided!
I wish to ask that no-one takes or uses this file (or model), i spent some time on it!
GUN optimised 7.blend (1.52 MB)

to use an armature in-game, the objects have to be parented to the armature as an object.

Hmm, it isn’t working, would anyone be able to modify my blend?

You must add a armature modifier to the mesh.

It already has the modifier, so i’m stuck.
any help with the blend?

I think the wight paint ist not correct, all colors are blue.

That shouldn’t matter, as the animations work in blender animation w/o weight painting?

I made a new vertex bone groups (your file has none) and wight paint. It works now.


GUN optimised 7.blend (1.53 MB)

How would i use actions on an object, sans armatures?

Because of the spelling error (sans ?) , I don’t understand what you mean.

How do I use an action on an object which isnt an armature? the arrow…

You can’t

Actions are a collections of channels
Each channel comes with its own IPO/F-Curve

There is a 1:1 relation between channels and bones. Only armatures have bones.

You can have an IPO/F-Curve at the arrow.