Unsure regarding bug report...

I was checking through the bug tracker to see if a bug I have repeatedly encountered was already reported. I found nothing. But when I wanted to report it, the first line, in bright red, stated:

Please DON’T report problems with build systems, linking errors and such. For those notify the mailing list or tell us in #blendercoders. Reports of this kind may end op rejected right away.”

Italic emphasis is mine. The bug is in the linking feature. Does this mean I should not report it in the bug tracker? Or is this about linking errors of a different kind? It seems a bit odd to single linking out, but there might be a reason for it, I am not a developer, I don’t know this…:spin:

For what it’s worth, this is the bug:

When I link a mesh object parented to an armature into a scene (i.e. both mesh and armature are from another file, where they function trouble-free together), and make the armature a proxy, the frame updating gets a little off. It seems the mesh is updated BEFORE the armature, meaning if I jump between frames, the mesh forms like the armature did in the PREVIOUS frame, not the current one. It occassionally spills over into rendering, but the effects there are a bit more confusing. I believe I have encountered this bug (I assume it to be a bug!) before. I now use Win Vista 32bit (sigh) and Blender 2.5, but I think I encountered the problem back on WinXP in Blender 2.4x, as well.

How do I best report this bug?

linking errors in this context refers to building blender from source and linking code libraries (DLLs in windows)

they don’t mean linking from blend files…

Ahhh… thanks, that makes more sense (even though I have no idea what those things are, of course :)). I will go report the error in the regular way, then!