Unsurvive - Alpha NOW Available

With the colaboration of John Voiden

Unsurvive is a Third Person Zombie Arcade Shooter that consists in kill more, and more zombies, finish the campaign… and, on growing up your score and upload it to be the best of the ranking!

Your car have crashed with a tree, and doesn’t work more… you grab a shotgun because you have listened to rare sounds… you think that are from an animal… but suddenly a lot of bloody persons appears, with the intention of eat you, in your defense, you start killing these persons, but they doesn’t stop appearing… that’s really rare, but you think, if you enter to the forest you probably can discover a safe house… or more survivors…

What will happen?

A short campaign of about 2-3 episodes, your car crashed with a tree and you enter in a large forest (Episode 1).

In the campaign, there are EASY mode, MIDDLE mode and HARD mode, you will discover that after the alpha.

Campaign (Co-op)
You can play with your friends in a LAN mode or online (max 4 players.) and finish the campaign with your friends. In this game mode, there are only MIDDLE mode and HARD mode.

Massive Zombie Killing
Grow up your score in this mode, this mode only have HARD mode, there is a house in the mid of the map, you appear in the house and the zombies can’t enter. When you have finished with your work, you can upload your Score to the game ranking, and be one of the best!

You can download the first version of the Unsurvive Client in my Dev Blog

YouTube Channel
Dev Blog

I’m thinking to retexture the character… because In my opinion is not really nice…

Need more opinions… anyone?

Looks pretty cool, unique! :slight_smile:
I suggest you use pathfinding instead off track to.
The players actions looks quite cool but I think the main colour should be changed a bit.

Lookng promissing, You ll probably change a lot of things on this project, so I ll not say what I think that could be change because probably ll be different on your next update, but I agree with ross a pathfinding would be great.

@RossBlenderArt & Leonnn, I haven’t tryed pathfinding in my life, how to do that?

And, @Leonnn say me what to change in the project, I’m opened to all the ideas, ofc!

The steering actuator.

I think that the block creatures idea is very cool but I would lit them more in order to actually see the creatures, shadows would be great too, and add more textures like grass textures and some things on the floor would make it look more intresting, your game is a nice idea and i think that it ll be very cool once is finished!

I’ve received a lot of replyes saying about the terrain textures, i have textured the terrain like the grass blocks of minecraft, but the bad quality of the video doesn’t shows that… D:

I’ve thinked too in adding only a lantern on your character, delete the light of the character and make the lantern… what you think?

@agoose, that pathfinder works perfectly! Now the zombies looks like the oldschool zombies! :smiley:

Added new textures.

looks cool i would change the video where it says “grow your score” to something else thow.

Thanks for your good comments, be sure to keep an eye on this project, on my indiedb page, devblog or youtube channel, because in the next week, I will update a lot of things… and there will be a gameplay of the “Massive Zombie Killer” mode, available in alpha after some days I upload the video!

And finally, here we go! With the help & colaboration of John Voiden here arrives… the first version of the Unsurvive Alpha Client!

A week ago, I was here, presenting my new project “Unsurvive”,
but only a week was needed to change everything in the game…
I, with the help of John Voiden maded new textures, for
the Character and for the Zombies, but It’s not enough, now I announce the Alpha has begun.

We think that a linear history is really boring, so we had a new idea, a Hard Survival Single & Cooperative Game!
You will arrive to a town, a desertic town razed by a Zombie Horde… you will think, that for survive, you will need
weapons! YEAH! Here we go: CRAFTING. You will be able to find general items in every house, like a stapler, zeal and wood… so you
will be able to craft for example… a Stapler Killing Machine!

And, don’t forget the new hungry bar! You will need to cook for your life, because if your hungry bar goes 100%, you
will… unfortunately, die. So you will be able to eat raw meat, but your hungry bar will not be satisfied, so you will
be able to cook your food, leaving satisfied your hungry bar, and go out for more material.

We think too in making a big city, and you will be able to get into a vehicle to go to the city, or anything like
that, this one is not think too much, but we are happy to say, our game will not have a boring linear history!

To the Massive Zombie Killing Game Mode…

  • Camera Personal Adjust.
  • New House.
  • Zombie die animation added.
  • “Hungry” modified.
  • Improved Zombie IA.
  • Improved UI.
  • Improved Lantern.
  • Add more textures.
  • Basic Map extended.
  • Some Bugs Fixed.
  • Improved Gameplay.

I will say too, from now we will update the game every friday.
Now, I leave until the next update!

You can download the first version of the Unsurvive Client in my Dev Blog

(Outdated trailer, I will make a new one soon)

Damn! Us Mac users always get screwed! Looks fun though.

I don’t know on how to export to mac, if you want a mac version, tell me how to export an exe to mac.

Midgardh, I tried your game, its looking intresting, but there is something mutch wrong with the game, at least on my computer, as the time goes by the weight of the game start to increase, and it increase a lot, the game is very simple and cant make my computer run at 5 fps, I dont know exactly what is wrong but I think that its about the spaw of the zombies.
Good job so far, but its hard to play the way it is now because of this matter, good luck fixing things up, your game have potential!

Yes… I’m thinking on how to solve that… I have emptyes around the map, that spawns zombies every 5 seconds, they’re around 27 emptyes, 27 zombies every 5 seconds, and if you don’t kill them all, the game fps go down… I’m thinking on how to solve that, probably 10-15 zombies every 10 seconds or more… It’s frustrating when Blender can’t do all you think… D:

you could add a different way to add emptyes, you can have only one emptie, and make animations to where each other empty that is there right now is, so frame 1 in one empty frame two in other empty and so on untill you have all the empties covered on the animation, then that empty ll allways spawn and you ll not have more logic going on.

Then aobut the zombies spawn, make lie this, if you have only one empty like I discribed add a property named Zombies(or something taht you like) to this empty, then each time that the empty spawn a zombie the zombie send a message “livezombie”(for example), then if z zombie die he send a message “deadmeat”, then you create 2 message receivers on the empty, one receive the livezombie message and the other receive deadmeat message, each one of this message sensors add on the property Zombies to +1 or -1, now I dont know exactly how to explain this to you, but you have your settup and I cant be shure about what you did, but wharever you did you attatch the property sensor with any action to spawn a zombie, and the property is zombie and you choose interval as type, and put a interval that you think that is a good number of zombies like from 0 to 50, then your spawner ll not add more than 50 zombies and it ll have no more slow downs.

if you dont got it I could create a demo file for you

Well I had nothing to do so I worked out on the demo, it spaws 51 zombies if no other zombie die there is no new spaw, if a zombie die he is spawned but never pass the 51 zombies on the screen, you can add as many as you want.

Its quite simple but I think that it ll do the trick I hope it helps

If you need more help just ask, I made this example on the 2.57 version of blender but I think taht it ll work on 2.6x if you are using it



Lol really thanks, I’m too tired now so I will go to sleep, tomorrow I will see in your blend! And if works fine, I will add it to the next patch.

Hey, its ok, I think taht it works good, but I dont know I took 30 minutes to make this demo file so maybe there is something lacking, aniway I want to know if worked for you.