Untick shadow in Obj Properties on selection and not just active?

I find the cast shadows in my viewport quite distracting and find myself having to untick the option box found in Object Properties>Viewport Display>Shadow all the time.
There’s no way to turn it off in one go with a selection, I have to manually turn it off for each object.
How can I turn it off/on with a single click on my selection?

On a side note, some addons tick the Wireframe box as well which is rather annoying and has the same problem of not being a global toggle. I guess the solution for one will help with the other.

You can turn off contact shadows for your lights, that should speed things up quite a bit

While the above solution seems more appropriate for the problem at hand, to answer the actual question, you can Alt+click the checkbox and the change will propagate throughout selection. Or you can right-click it and choose “Copy to Selected” from the menu.


I don’t have lights in my scene.

That’s perfect, the alt click did the trick. Gonna keep that in mind in the future for other tick boxes. Thanks a lot

You’re welcome. Are those viewport shading shadows? You can turn these off in the Viewport Shading overlay:

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I looked in that menu several and I must be blind as a bat because I didn’t see the shadows options. Fml.
thanks for the help!