Untimely Death (A short story)

Here’s a short story I wrote based on what I fear. Tell me what you guys think = )

WARNING: This story is rather graphic in some parts and should not be read if you are easily disturbed by this kinda thing. Also please remember this is a story and does not necessarily reflect my views.

   Imagine a man coming home after a hard day at work. He sits, relaxes, and he enjoys a refreshing ice cold lemonade. It is a pleasant blend of sour and sweet. Finally! The day is over and he has nothing more to do; he can rest. He begins to feel tired, so he decides to take a short nap. He goes into his bedroom, and climbs into his bed. Quickly, he eases into a comfortable sleep. He dreams of a magnificent garden. There are sparkling streams of fresh, clear water, and the land is covered in vibrant flowers. The air is sweet and crisp. There is an array of beautiful animals and they graze in the light of the warm sun as it shines in its golden glory. He feels this warmth, this… comfort. 

   He feels at peace with himself, and all of his problems float away. Little does he know, the idiot who wired his house did not perform his job correctly, because of his drunken state. Sparks fly, and a fire is born in his kitchen. Toxic smoke fills the air and he absorbs it peacefully in his sleep. This smoke sends him deeper into unconsciousness. His wonderful dreams blind him from the fact that he is about to die. The small fire feeds and grows into a raging inferno. The flames begin to engulf entire rooms and it is only a matter of time before it reaches our slumbering friend. He continues to dream while the merciless smoke brings him even closer to death. Damn that smoke. It does not kill him; it waits to see his agony. The flames lick at his flesh, and have a taste of their prey. 

   Anyway, back to the dream.

   He notices the animals begin to pant heavily. Some of the animals run to a river to get some rejuvenating water, and others hide in the cool shade. He feels it getting hotter, and soon enough, the atmosphere is scorching hot. The rivers begin to steam and boil; it is now too hot for any of the animals to drink. Animals all around him collapse from overheating and dehydration. Luckily, he is under a large tree and has shade to hide under. However, he is sweating like a slave and he is extremely thirsty. By this time, the sun emits an enormous solar flare, and the skies erupt into flames. A smoldering tree limb falls from a tree and traps the man by his foot. He feels his foot begin to burn. Then, he awakens. He sees blackness and cannot move. For some reason, his foot still feels like its burning. He attempts to open his mouth to scream, but he is unable to do it. Quickly, he realizes what’s wrong. He is paralyzed! All he can do is scream in his mind while he burns alive. He smells his own burning flesh, what a putrid, horrifying smell. His body fat fuels the roaring fire, and there is nothing he can do to stop it. He curses this day and wishes he could just die to end the pain.

   His meat sizzles and his legs are almost burned to the bones. His body begins to rattle and squirm as massive nerve damage produces involuntary spasms from the overwhelming pain. The fire begins to devour his torso and just then, his body cannot take anymore. He thinks his last thoughts about his friends and family: his wedding day, his son’s first baseball game, his mother’s death, his father’s love affair, and all the memories he holds dear. Then, his body proceeds to go limp. His wish becomes reality. There is nothing now. He cannot think or feel. He sees nothing, not even blackness because he no longer exists. Although our friend is now deceased, his corpse continues to burn like a candle at the dinner table.

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Hmm… very interesting. I can see why you’re afriad of that.

“Perfect love casteth out all fear, for there is no fear in love” says God.
If you live your life in full surrender to God, you will not have this fear, and you will be at peace.


He smells his own burning flesh

I understand there is no sense of smell while you are asleep, you can only smell after you have woken up. That is why it is extra important to have smoke detectors.

I am an electrician, so it better not be a house that I wired up.:eek:
No… it cant be, I live on the other side of the world

Telepathy Gone Wild!