Untitled animation project...

Hi guys,

I’m actually trying to do a short animation to get more familiar with character animation and more generally with the whole process of making a short movie… :slight_smile:

I’ve started this project a few month ago, and worked on it during my free time, (which I don’t have much…).

The story is about a little and lonely character who is trying to find something really important for him in a desolate world. Nothing spectacular so. :slight_smile:

Anyway, here are some pictures. I’m trying to have a concept of each scene in order to make a solid animatic which can give a good idea of what the short will look like.

First, the character. I’ve already modelled and rigged it.

And a few poses to test the rig :

And then some concept, very close of what the movie should look like. :slight_smile:

(the character on the two previous screen was the first version of the character…it looked too much like a Pokemon so I dropped it ^^ )

And the last one :

To be continued…
Thanks for watching and I’m waiting for your comments ! :eyebrowlift: