Untitled Grave #1 short animation project.

not bad, the first looks the best…
Tho i dont understand how youd get this locked…

There’s a new auto-lock feature.


I was just worried that I didn’t have to make a new thread, because this one shows the progress well.

o, my bad, yeah just read about that…

I’ve remodelled Rhia’s head from scratch, I think it’s alot better. I also think it’s animation friendly, but I’m not sure, because I’ve never animated a face before.


Here’s the wire:

It’s not super-anatomcly correct or anything, but it is good enough for my first short.

Her eyes are just a little too far apart. I’d fix that. Otherwise it looks great. I’d like to mention that the lips are fantastic and show none of the ‘swollen/marshmallows down the gums’ look that plagues so many. Over-all, very nice features, pleasant. Delicate would be another word for it. (once the eyes are fixed)

The wire frame reveals couple problems though, namely tris, tris are a devil for animation. There are a couple tris under her lip–on her chin–that could be fixed just by splitting those two edges to continue the loop around.

One other tri set is on her nose, which could be fixed by extending the loop up and around her head, this probably isn’t necessary though, on account of it being in her nose which isn’t gonna be animated a whole lot. Whether you want to leave it or not is perfectly up to you. All-in-all, very nice face. Remember the eyes, though, they make or break everything.

Thank you for those tips. I will try to adjust the eyes, but if it becomes too hard, I’ll probibly just leave it.

I used the Joan of Ark modelling tutorial as reference, so I could get the right amount of verticies on each loop, so they could stick togeather right. On the tutorial, there is a couple of tri’s on her chin, but this might be because of his style-he wants the chin to be extra defined. I’ll take em’ out and see what they look like.

Over-all, very nice features, pleasant. Delicate would be another word for it. (once the eyes are fixed)

Thanks a lot, that’s is exactly what I was going for!

You should work on the eyes themselves a bit more, right now it just looks like a flat texture mapped to a UV sphere. You might want to import a makehuman mesh, delete everything but the eyes, then apply materials and texures. I’ve gotten some good results that way. [Edit]

Delicate would be another word for it.
I agree.:slight_smile:


Thanks, guys. I really apprechiate those comments.




Here we go, a new update. No ears, but I can fix that. Other than that, I’m finished modelling the bse body. Yeah!
Oh, and of course, I will change some stuff like the feet. I won’t model the feet, because they will be covered by socks or shoes or whatever, but in the future I might.

I need to work on the hair. Anyone know of a tutorial for realistic hair? Thanks.

Nice hair. overall seems very good for animation too, clean mesh
Just an opinion but i would make a bit sharper edge around middle area of nose and pulll the
front most areas back a little. When you get to cloth part maybe you can softbody animate “landing” of clothes on her so them dont have to be modeled to dificult shapes, maybe hardware heavy to do though for long animation but just an idea

Update on the room. I think it looks much betters.

Looking good!
I like the character so far, although I think the room is a little to crouded.
Also, I am not sure if you know this… or if it is only limited to North American film makeing but you are screenwriting in incorrect form.
Here is an example of proper:

Ext. Desert. Day
Our view opens to a cactus in the middle of the Gobie desert, a cloud of dust seems to stir in the distance as a man dressed in a trench coat walks towards the camera. He seems to be contemplating something.

---------2+2+3+2… must be…
He then looks down onto the ground.

---------20!.. no wait… 12… 16…

I am not sure if this will help you on your current project, but if you are expecting to write for a producer in the future you will be required to write in this form.

Coming along well. Nice cosy room.

If you intend to model the hair in Blender then you might want to wait a bit and try out the new particle effects that are coming in soon. A little info can be found at


I messed about with the current particles for my first project, Plurdo, and managed a pretty funky ponytail. Settings can be found on my WIP thread
Though this is far from a tutorial, there is a link to a decent page in the documentation for setting up shaders etc. for the strands, and some general advice on realistic hair. How to animate it is another thing… I’m gonna work on other aspects of the animation till the new particle system comes out :wink: (though there are beta versions available that are supposed to be a marked improvement on the current particle system).

Thanks for those comments.

I am already using the Blender245.12 build, which includes the new Blender particles patch. The main problem is that I can’t use it to the full because the strand renderer isn’t ray-traceable yet. So, I use adaptive strand rendering, because it is faster and is ray-traced, but not as good looking.

but if you are expecting to write for a producer in the future you will be required to write in this form.

Thanks for the info, but I don’t expect to ever become proffesional at movie or game making. WAY too many hours of work involved.

An update to the room. I just plopped some textures on the room walls and floor. I really tried to acheve better lighting, though. It seems pretty good to me. No AO (something I’m very proud of).