Untitled Hack and Slash WIP

Hello everyone,
My friend, ukkikun, and I have been working on this game for a few weeks now and I just thought it would be nice to get some outside advice, comments, ideas, and all that good stuff. This is supposed to be like the old Gauntlet games, select between characters, kill lots of monsters that come out of generators, fights bosses, etc. So far I have a very small test map (if you even want to call it that) one playable character, one type of enemy and logic blocks that are ok for now.

It still needs a lot of things though. I wanted to do this all with logic blocks since I don’t know any python and don’t really wanna learn it just for this. You will notice problems when you’re playing like how the goblins are rigid bodies since they were added with the add object logic block.

I could go on and on about what needs to be done or fixed but I’m not going to do that right now. If anyone wanted to help with this in any way just ask me about it and I would be very glad to have more help. (Especially with logic blocks/python, texturing, and level design.)

Controls are easy, arrow keys to move, space to attack, if you are not near an enemy he will throw a dagger and if you are near them he will slash them.

Download the .blend here and tell me what you think.


Very cool! Good to see you’ve got stuff done.I might help, but i am very busy atm, so maybe later. This looks awesome! The character might need to be a little taller, idk i just gave it quick look.
Keep it up :smiley:

Hello and welcome
for a start its a nice one!
Good work!
To avoid sliding, select the floor plan, and in the material panel, press the “Dyn”
button and raise the “Friction” value, ex: 12.00?
Bye and keep blending

Thank you for liking it Sammaron. I made the character short because I want them to have a little almost childlike style to them, but not like chibi anime, just to clear that up in case anyone else wonders too.

Also thanks to you OTO. Your tutorials are some of the first ones I’d ever seen for Blender, so that’s kinda neat that you like my game so far. Anyways, thanks for the tip about friction, I saw mentions of it in other places but could never find it. Works great now, no sliding.

I did most of the work.
-sometimes a liar-

i could help you a bit with level design, possibly textures…but i dont make any…let me know anyway

couldnt download :frowning:

I don’t know if you want this, but it may come in handy:

Use the arrows to move, only that.

I made this from another example (Phil Tam/ineeadnewbike’s 3rd person movements) but eliminated the relation between the camera and the mouse, changed the empties disposition and added a python script that makes the magic.

It is almost bug-less, just an issue in the x with -y coordinates of the character, when you press right/down, release and then you press down/right the character rotates 270 degrees, can’t solve it. If you or someone gets a solution PM me please.

looked more into it and gamplay is next to flawless. unfortunately, i’m a little confused as to what th object 3 is (the camera is constantly adding it) and how you did the health. also, sometimes the health didn’t appear. And, hopefully not spoiling anything, i found somemodels on different layers, and the spell caster and archer look great! good work!:yes:

Next to flawless Sammaron? Thank you, that’s good to hear.
Object 3 is supposed to have three hearts on it. In my screenshot you can see them but I’m not sure if it is downloading with them. To make sure you can see your hearts turn on layers one and two. I could keep the health in the same layer as the rest of the game but then it was getting brighter or darker depending on how close the light source was.
Those models you found were the other characters I’m working on for the player to choose. I hope to have a title screen (Needs a title first…) then a one or two player select screen, a choose your character screen, then you finally get to play. There is also another model with a big sword on one of the layers who is mostly rigged and animated, and even has some logic. You could put him on layer one and play as him but I don’t remember how done his logic is right now.

I will try to work on this some more today and post a newer file later.

I’m also helping with the rigging and animation. The goblin archer (I believe) still needs some work done, and most of the models lack animation. I think it’d be nice to have more classes, too, but at the same time I don’t think we should overwhelm a player. I think the biggest challenge is going to be getting all the various monsters rigged and animated, because a game like this is probably going to have a lot.
If you have any class or monster suggestions, don’t be afraid to speak up.

actually, if I have extra textures, I’ll post em’ here. While being involved with the 2nd noobs project, I’ve gotten pretty good at it, although, I go through allot of textures to get the correct feel for it.

P.S. it’s actually pretty fun already. I don’t think you should create character classes. By Hack n’ Slash, do you mean a dynasty warriors type game?

Any textures would be great, it’s certainly not my strong suit. The character classes won’t make things too complicated by having special abilities or being able to level up or anything like that, I plan on keeping it pretty simple. The only differences in the characters will be how they would look and small differences in speed, damage, life, rate of fire, and stuff like that.
Hack and slash would be a Dynasty Warriors kind of game but right now I don’t see this turning out to be as fast as DW or having combos and stuff. This should be like the Gauntlet series which is still called a hack and slash but now that I think about it, quite different than DW.

Todays newest .blend is up. Added a mostly working archer goblin and a temporary grass texture.

If anyone is playing this in Blender and it randomly crashes I would like to know. It seems to be doing that for me and I don’t know why. Even more than liking to know if it crashes I would like to know WHY it crashes. Maybe once it is an .exe it won’t do that anymore, who knows.

Hey Vayden great job on the game :D. I like the spawning monsters feature alot :stuck_out_tongue: but I can’t seem to move backwards in my version and it crashes sometimes like you said in a earlier post. Other wise great job so far :slight_smile:

sup guys, was looking at your blend lots of good stuff in there nice work. and i agree the spawing monsters works verry well, even though its only one screen without story or goles i think its very fun as it is. cant wait to see where you take this : )

If you have any class or monster suggestions, don’t be afraid to speak up.

heres a lil bat thingie i was useing in my game but think im gonna scrap that project o0


Thanks guys. I took the option of walking backwards out because I thought it was too easy for a player to walk away from an enemy and be constantly hitting it, just not very fair to the poor AI goblins.
I like the idea of a round little bat. When I “planned” the different stages for this I thought about a cave stage so that would work pretty well in there.
No one seems to be commenting on the goblins tipping over. If you run into them and turn you can knock them over. You aren’t supposed to be able to do this, but it happens for me. If anyone can think of a way to stop that, I would be most grateful if they could share their knowledge.

I definantly think that the wizard’s stand animation should be him stroking his beard. What do you think?

No one seems to be commenting on the goblins tipping over

yeah noticed that, i thought you did that on purpus lol, for me it added to the fun knocking them lil gobs over hehehehe

Just a little update: Vayden and I have been working on the game, we’ve made the Wizard playable and next up is the swordsman I believe. I’ve been doing the UVs for a lot of the characters and monsters, though we still have a lot of work to do. I don’t even want to do a list, apparently Vayden made one and it’s quite hefty. But, we have been making progress and maybe sometime later I’ll take some screens of the different characters and few monsters that we have.