Untitled Hoverbike


This is my best render so far, and for your amusement I tried to make a render with the mesh wires showing but I failed hard.


Any tips on how to improve it? Will continue on this after a week, now I’m off to a mandatory non-computerized vacation.

Very nice hoverbike, the modeling and texturing make it very 50’s yet futuristic.

Only thing is… At the moment it is difficult to tell what it is without staring at it for a few minutes. Are you going to be modeling a character to ride it? That might help…

Anyway Nice job so far.


I was thinking of making a leather suited all black motorist, but I don’t know since I suck at rigging (and humans). Thanks for the comment tho!

To make things a bit more clear, I was planning on making the handles bigger and change the style to a more traditional sports motorbike look. Also it needs a proper place to put legs in. Maybe those would make it a bit easier to understand? Do you have any suggestions on how to make it more motorcycle-ish?