Untitled next project

So im still doing updates and such to SWAP and will continue to do them probably for a while but i wanted to start on another game but this time something smaller and more casual maybe 2d or third person.

I have some ideas kinda but nothing set in stone yet and i was just wondering if anybody had any ideas or any thing that they would like to see made.

This time i also want to post more videos and such during development kinda like the Overgrowth devlogs and also have a beta before actually releasing the full game that way to make sure the game is really polished.

what about a chapter or episode model so basically i release 1 chapter or episode for like a dollar then every couple weaks i release the next one that way it builds up suspense and also i can see how people respond to each episode and apply that into make each next episode better.

So i still have lots to do on SWAP but i think in my spare time just kinda as a backup plan ill make a simple game i will sale for $2 or something.

You seriously thought people were going to buy ur games? At least show How much experience uve had or reputation.

@3Gamer Actually i did think people would buy my game and believe it or not they did and no this is my first game so i dont have much experience but what does that have to do with people buying my game.

People dont care about your experience they just want a fun game to play.

But your right i cant expect people to buy my game thats why i had and still have to put lots of hours of work into it making it the best that i can get it.