Untitled RPG

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I’ve posted in the Works in Progress forum. I wanted to wait a while to show a video of this game, but I couldn’t resist!

This is a game we are working on for our high school’s programming club. We started a game in Java, which confused everybody, so I’m teaching everyone to use blender. I have been working on this for a month now. The game will be an RPG, and will be similar to Skyrim and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I have been using the Game Engine for 4 years, and have not completed a game. I aim to change that.

The animations so far are very, very simple. The graphics will be improved. I have mainly been focusing on the programming, so the other aspects of the game are very simple at the moment. We will enter this game in the Summer Game Competition. Any crits are welcome.

Link to video is here:

Really nice start! A few comments… The water animation and effects look very nice. His arms move a little weirdly as he breathes. Maybe you could align just his feet to the ground while keeping the rest of his body upright as he walks. I’m sure there are tutorials on how to do this. Anyway, I’m sure that you will make good progress on the animations, etc. Good luck with the competition!

PS. That’s really cool that you have a programming club at your school… I’d start one at mine but there are probably not enough people at my school who would be interested :frowning:

Thanks Lakitu! I guarantee there would be some people at your school who would be interested in a programming club. Unless you have a REALLY small school. Try asking around, who knows.

I know his arms move awkwardly LOL. I did the running animation in a few minutes. And the idle animation really quick too lol. They are just there for placeholders for now, until I add better animations. And I will try to find a way to keep him upright. His body just tilts because of the physics. This way, he will not go airborne as he reaches the top of a hill. I’ll find a way to do it without tilting his body. It’s not exactly at the top of the to-do list right now :wink: