Hello everyone.

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Been working on a lot of software projects and haven’t had a decent amount of time to myself, although I have been on recently to see some of the art being posted. Was shocked with the forum change…I thought I had come to the wrong place at first!

Anyway, here is something I have worked on for the last 2 days. There is room for a lot of improvement but I’m pretty much sick of it now.
I used Blender to model and The Gimp for the initial textures and bump map for rendering and then again for post pro.

I’m sure you will notice the missing ear…I was originally modelling a head piece, but never finished it. (I just didn’t feel satisfied with it’s progress and the image was going to be cut differently anyway…besides, like I said…I’m pretty much sick of the sight of it now).


Man, that’s good modeling and texturing.

thanks…It took me ages. It’s the first time I actually managed to get my texturing the way I wanted. I’m not used to The GIMP but it just shows that a little perseverance pays off :slight_smile: