Untraditional retargeting trouble...

I am trying to partially retarget my custom rigged character from a source bvh file to no luck.

The idea is to fully retarget main bones, and manually place keyframes so that I can turn off the “copy rotation” constrains and end up with a very smooth end user animation where there is no noise and feet firmly placed on the ground.

The bones snap back in zero position when I turn off the constraints! I want this not only to clean up the track, but also so that I can move hand locations etc. to better match the envrionment such as touching door handles correctly and so on.

I have no plugins as of yet.

Anyone tried this or something simliar?

Ok, so after much experimenting, I found the solution myself. But that’s a good thing so that I can share! :slight_smile:

When a bone has a “copy rotation” constraint and is following the bvh file, at a good keyframe I press Ctrl A and choose “apply visual transformation”, and directly after press I to place the keyframe. The reason this is good is that I can totally eliminate noise, reduce keyframes, replace the rotation/location on the keyframe later to fit the scene or change poses, and lock feet on the ground with no problems. Also since I capture with Brekel and a single Kinect I can also fix 360 degree body rotations with this method.