Unused users

I found out that Elysiun has over 5200 users with 0 posts.

That is just under half of the population (hmm strange word but it fits!) of Elysiun! Can’t the Admins just delete all of the 5200 unused users and put a message on the homepage to tell the users of the unused Elysiun users. (phew!)

And for the people that have registered 1 or 2 days ago. just tell them to register again.

Btw, when will the homepage be updated?

There was a thread about this just a couple of weeks ago.


The gist: It’s not going to happen, because a lot of them are actually actively reading the forum, just not posting, and the rest of them… who cares? It’s not a big deal. We have plenty of space, and they’re not taking up much of it.

Oh sorry I didn’t see that :expressionless: