Unusual Render

I was just experimenting a snowman in Blender when something strange happened. I placed a few UV spheres behind the snowman and when i pressed the render button, the render did not look according to what i wanted. I am a newbie in Blender so i can make silly mistakes. Can you please tell me what i have done wrong? Thanks
Here is the link to the file: http://www.4shared.com/file/JYrhIY3H/Snowman.html

Looks ok for me. What were you expecting to see ?
ps. you can attach blend files and images directly to your posts rather than having to use crappy file hosts.

Everything is way to big and therefore the spheres behind the snowman gets clipped.
Either increase the clipping end setting for the camera or rather scale everything down… if you add a simple cube now it’s tiny compared to the rest of the scene.

@jakerlund: and how do you increase the clipping end setting of the camera. Sorry for being so naive.

@richard Marklew: I was expecting to see the spheres properly embedded in the plane. The render makes it look as if it were floating in air. i know about the attachments thing but my internet is very buggy and takes a long time to get things attached. Many times, errors were caused i don’t know why.

Hi again,

Select the camera, then the tab for the camera, then increase the end value.
But in your case i think i’d rather downscale everything since everything now is huge.

oh. thanks .