Unusual viewport glitching

I’m getting these weird artifacts and I am worried they’re related to a problem with my mesh that I haven’t noticed. I’m working on quite a small scale so maybe that’s why? there doesnt seem to be any problem with normals.


That does look like a numerical precision issue, caused by a too great clip plane range. Try lowering your far clip to one meter or something (default is one kilometer I believe). That’s found in the N region “view” tab, “clip end” property.

Thanks but no luck unfortunately, still getting the artifacts

Although, when I change the clip end value the edges to jiggle a bit as if it’s affecting them in some way.

It probably means the issue is related to that. What are the object’s dimensions ? Does it do anything when you scale the whole thing up to 1000 ?

Scaled this one up by 1000: https://gyazo.com/170e09ec1af6125193d0aa3b0eb2d10b

This is the result: https://gyazo.com/f0d459a622694189bd2b46da15255a7a

Just adjusted the Clip start value instead and it seems to have fixed the problem even when I put the clip start back to that same value? weird.
Thanks for clocking me onto the clipping values :+1:

maybe this is related to this bug/fix.?