Unvanquished (seeking 3D artists/animators!)


Unvanquished Development is the development team behind Unvanquished, a free, open-source strategy shooter featuring technologically advanced humans against monstrous organic aliens. Our team is entirely online, with development centralized on our forums and IRC channel. Developers range from skilled hobbyists to professionals, and come from a wide variety of countries. Our game has been regularly featured on Phoronix, where articles have praised the quality of our artwork and the regularity of our releases, which are made on the first Sunday of each month. As of this month, we are on our 20th alpha release and we are projected to reach beta next year. You can bring us closer to that goal!

General Requirements

Ideally, an applicant should have the following traits:

  • Ability to communicate effectively with project coordinators.
  • Capacity to work in an online team environment, whether alone or with others.
  • A genuine interest and passion for what one does.

Engine Features

Some relevant information for 3D artists:

  • Textures: diffuse, normal, specular, glow, and gloss maps.
  • Models: 10k tris limit, 6-8k tris preferable for performance.
  • Animations: skeletal animation with MD5 format, IQM planned.


To apply for a position on our development team, please contact me at [email protected] with the following:

  • What you’re interested in doing.
  • Some examples of previous work.
  • Where you saw this posting.

Note that as we are an open source development team, this is not a paid project, but you will be fully credited for your work.


Below is a list of the positions that we are currently seeking to be filled. You may apply for any of these in any combination, and even if you have a skill not listed below, you’re more than welcome to submit your talents for consideration.

3D Animators

A skilled animator can make a creatively designed model come alive, bringing its potential past the limits. If you have a passion for 3D animation, we’d love to have you on board! You could animate your own models, or the models produced by others. A variety of things can be animated, from player models, to weapons, and even structures. In addition, things can be animated for the first-person view, such as claws for the various alien forms. Blender works best for animation, but there are export scripts for Max and Maya that can also be used.

Hard Surface Prop Modelers

The humans in our game construct an assortment of structures in their bases, from machine gun turrets to healing pads and armories to restock on ammunition from. Human base structures are all meant to have a polished metal appearance, although with occasional blemishes and rust to emphasize the militaristic nature of the human team. They are all meant to appear futuristic as well, with features such as pulsing lights or shafts of energy. In addition to this, we are also looking for those that can design equipment to be worn by the humans, such as jet packs.


Gun Modelers

We require a multitude of weapons to be completed for the human team. These weapons range from small energy pistols to machine guns and heavy assault weapons that fire plasma. In addition, since we plan on adding additional weapons in the future, there will be more to do as time goes on. We can provide an abundance of existing designs to be used for the creation of these weapons, so concepts will not be a problem. Thus, you can choose from the designs that interest you the most, or you can propose alterations to the designs, or even designs of your own.


Organic Modelers

The aliens in our game use a variety of support structures in the bases they construct. For instance, there are acid-spraying structures that damage attacking humans, and living barricades that can retract to permit the passage of alien players. All of our alien buildings are meant to be living organisms that react to their environment, from glancing around the room to convulsing in pain when being shot at. We can provide concept art and references for the organic props that we have left to do, and in addition, you could also design gibs to be used for dead aliens.