Unwanted Deformation in MakeHuman Model



See how the chest and neck areas change between object and edit modes? I need to get rid of whatever is making the mesh change from what it is in edit mode.

Here’s the .blend

check to see if there are any shape keys. turn down their influence to 0. if that doesn’t work try turning the influence up to 1. if that solves the problem, apply that shape key.

I only see the basis. I fiddled with the controls, deleted it, didn’t help.

The problem is something to do with the armature. Reparent it to the mesh and the problem goes away. Don’t forget to delete the extra armature modifier on the stack.

I see what you’re saying - what option did you use for re-parenting? I haven’t messed with armatures in years but IIRC clear parent/reparent will throw off the weighting, no?