UNWANTED game help needed!

Hello guys!
Working on a game called Unwanted! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrhT8oeYxxc
I need people to help me with my project!
1 textures
2 animation
3 modelers

Who want to help… just don t hesitate!


Join now please!

i can help, but i can’t model any weapons
the best i’m at organic modelling but i can model almost everything except weapons (as said before)

just ask and ill help :smiley:

We basically need a human model low poly. If you can give it a zombieish look that is perfect. Thank you!

That’s pretty good! Reminds me of the first Counter Strike.

I have some items that you can use if you want, there are a lot of furniture that I had created, and I have some models, but they are not zumbie like, but you can make them look like zombies changing the textures. sendm e a PV telling me what you want.

Hmm organic modeling?:confused:

ok, ill work on it when i have time.
i’m not a full member btw just helping when needed.

Hmmmm, I might be able to help out (depending on what you want). What kind of modeling do you want done? I’m really any good at human design but I could can do random scene props…
Btw, I’ve always liked your project, dude! You’ve got an awsome game on your hands!

can you model humans?
and texture them?

most of the game is all there but its the scenery theme you want set.

Oops… Sorry that was a typo… It was supposed to say " I’m NOT really any good at modeling humans". That was totally my bad, sorry…
So, to answer your question… No, not really… (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=187190). The feeble attempt in that thread pretty much speaks for my character modeling skills.
Do you need a prop designer?

hey i want to be part of your team im really good in fps i also can give that gun movement when you swing around. also a beter muzzle falsh and im able to do animated texture.

check out my channel on youtube … nnjox

:spin:i want to help but only on moddeling, i can model some weapons but in not good at all

Hi im really interested in joining but for more on the enviroment/prop moddeling and texturing side of things. heres a link to my gallery of recent blender work (all in game engine): http://davidgarrett.webs.com/newwork.htm .
I am able to start working streight away and im free during most of the upcoming months.