Unwanted rotation during animation

Hello again,

I currently trying to remake the intro to Doctor Who, where a Tardis ( looks like a police box, think old school telephone booth) is spinning down a vortex.

What I’ve done is placed the tardis on a track so it moves down through the vortex.

On top of that I want it to be spinning as it goes down the track, so every five frames I rotated it very slighty on the z-axis.

But every now and then, instead of rotating on the z-axis the Tardis does a total flip!!!

I apologise if this question has been answered before, I couldn’t fine an answer when I was searching through the forum.

Here are some pictures to show you what I mean


It seems to me like you have CurveFollow enabled on your path. This button is positioned in Editing (F9) Curve and Surface tab.

Okay, I disabled curve follow on the path, and redid the animation putting in all the keys.

But it still flips???

Does anyone have an idea of how this problem might be solved? It occurs round about when I put in my 5th key.

Delete the X and Y Rot IPO’s.


Umm, no good, it still does a massive flip…

The best way, in my opinion, to generate a rotation animation is to create the necessary IPOs manually rather than trying to key frame rotation in 3D view.

If the rotation is to continue at a consistent pace, then one IPO from 0 to 360(ish) set to cyclic will usually do the trick.

Thanks! That worked perfectly!