Unwanted Software on Computer

Whenever I click on a link or go to a dead page, this appears:
I don’t know why, but it didn’t used to do this.
[It’s driving me nuts! :< ] Any suggestions on how I should get rid of it?

I don’t use internet explorer but I recall that there is a preference setting that will direct your browser another direction. I think it’s either file > preferences or edit>preferences. Clicking on the help text should give you an answer.

adwear etc…

try spybot search and destory, your computer has been taken over by these programs, they all attack IE so i use mozilla LOL


i second the mozilla recommendation… Someone on this forum recommended it a while back, and I will never go back to IE!!!


Mozilla Firebird…its excellent. I only use IE when I have to now. It’s safer that way :wink:

That screen’s not adware/spyware, it’s a “feature” of M$IE

Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Search from the Address Bar->When Searching->Do not search from the address bar
to turn it off

I tried mozilla (normal and firebird), but my computer’s so old it’s heavily below the system requirements, and it crashes a minute or two after I start it :frowning:

hmm, i tried it out, and it is safe to say i will never go back, thanks to you, leon.

wooo! mouse gestures!

mouse gestures on what?


p.s. i’ve been using mozilla for a LONG time (on windows), far before getting very popular, i hate IE and have for ages


yea, mozilla has a plugin (on mozdev.org i think) that enables mouse gestures …like blender and Black&White have :smiley:

try firebird (MozillaFirebird) - it’s smaller and runs quite nice …on an old celeron (pretty crappy setup!!) i run it, and it’s great :smiley:
http://www.mozilla.org …and select firebird …really, it’s worth it!! …it’s also themable :smiley:

i never did like IE …i was a netscape die-hard even when netscape was considered bad …then it was just natural that i switched to mozilla :smiley:

I guess after I move to Mozilla it won’t even matter any more. :wink:

oh well i guess you won’t want to know how to get rid of it, but just in case.
look at the address bar it should have where the page is stored (something like c:\windows\ ) go there and delete the page :slight_smile: yay fixed
download Ad-awere http://lavasoft.element5.com/support/download/ it’s free :slight_smile: — this is better since you can get rid of all the spywere on your computer that has accumulated over the years from using IE.

blender has mouse gestures!!?!



here are craploads of extensions for you

blender has mouse gestures!!?!

yea, for “grip”, “scale” and “rotate” …these I KNOW you can do with gestures.

you cna make gestures with left-click->drag (to make the gesture, and then release the button)
a straight line - "grip
a curve around the object - “rotate”
a crurve - “scale”

there’re just fine details between these gestures, which i can’t really understand yet

Back to the original post, that page is not generated by spyware on your computer.

Verisign (who run the .com and .net domains) recently redirected all unused domains ending in .com and .net to their sitefinder “service.”

They have since suspended it after requests from ICANN, and hacks into bind (a common nameserver) to return “domain not found” like it is supposed to.

Also note the license terms associated with the site are pretty murky - you are bound by them by visiting the site, which you never specifically requested.

And yea, go get mozilla - popup blocking and bayesian spam filter.

PS: you can still access sitefinder at sitefinder.verisign.com
PPS: the Blender gesture for scale is a V

My computer’s under sysreq even for firebird…

P150 w/ 32MB RAM :frowning:

*Phlip plugs the donate-money-to-get-phlip-a-better-computer appeal :stuck_out_tongue:

My computer’s under sysreq even for firebird…

just curious, how do you manage to use Blender if you can’t use Mozilla?

Blender works fine. a bit slow, and it chokes on complex scenes, but it works.

up to a month ago i was running Blender on a P1 166 MhZ with 64 Mb of ram, and blender ran ok (now i run it on a AMD 2400+ 512 Mb 400 MhZ DDR :slight_smile: )

I used 2.2 on a P90 with 48 megs…

that was a few years ago, but still…

Good resource for those worried about spyware/IE hijack malware is http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite – be sure you allow ActiveX controls to run, it has to search for several keys in your registry…