Unwanted! Train Station NEW MAP 100% done

[ULTIMATE UPDATE!!:eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift:
Hope you guys like it!:o

HERE IS THE VIDEO GAME PLAY :RocknRoll: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0iOxOg78kw


looks GREAT!

Nice I like the destructable crates. good work on those.

Please upload blend
Linux and mac ppl cant see this!

I have mac. My mac is dual boot with windows 7 just for times like this.

Wow! How long have you been working on this. Lots of people start FPS games but dont get this far!

What is your system specs? I looked a little closer at the pics and noticed your fps was pretty bad. You may need to optimize the game a bit.

2 gb ram
2.3 ghz amd sempron 3600+
ati x1550
hdd 160 gb
yes the frames are bad…but if i save as runtime work 10 times better!

Thanks…just 2 weeks!

Hi thought I would bring this thread up again so we can see some more updates if available and for information, such as me sharing my files with you (which I still have to do)

well make a video on you tube…and send me the link so i can see what you ve done!

Nice updates!

Umm predator I have… It is the dying animation and I am so stupid because I did it in 2.5 which means it is unavailable and loses all information in 2.49 so I will have to redo it, but it was pretty rough to start off with so I will do some more and get em to you soon! Thanks for letting me help! :slight_smile:

Guys here are the new updates after a while of hard working!

What about the zombie :frowning:

That M16 CQC (the 5th pic) looks eerily close to Twinkie’s M16A4 CQC. Did you use Twinkie’s?
For reference, this is Twinkie’s M16A4 CQC (http://www.cdg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=57968)
It wouldnt surprise me if you took every gun from a CSS compile as it seems on a few of the screens the forward assist is on the wrong side (it should be on the right).

Everyone seems to be doing zombies these days so I would declare them unoriginal and cliche.

The screens are nice, please be a little more original then just “shoot the zombies”:slight_smile:

Shame that because we are already doing it… I meant it because I have rigged and animated it. But still a WIP

well i got that gun from there…i am not good modeling the guns so…i took it from there…hmm i dont get it…what about the forward assist?

the storyline is soo different…i dont think if i will keep this idea to the end of the game