Unwanted UV cutoff


I am trying to select my uvs on my model, but even if I select the entire mesh, only the uv’s on the right side show up.

Does anybody know what the possible causes of this are and how I can fix it
The screenshot is blender 2.49b, but I have the same problem in Blender 2.57.


hm, maybe the coords are layered on top of one another?

What would that mean, if they are layered?

I do remember, though, that I had applied a mirror modifier to the mesh to edit it, but that was a while ago and it has already been applied.

I think what happened is your two halves are sharing the same space in the UV editor. If you paint on one half and the color shows up on the other half too, you’ll know that’s what happened.

Yeah. They were overlapping. I selected one of the vertices and it was directly over the other. I guess I’ll select half of the vertices and flip mirror them in the uv editor. The problem is that the model isn’t completely symmetrical. Hopefully my textures don’t get changed.